Hi Priya, Just to let you know, I was impressed with care and attention paid to my individual requirements.  The message was so deeply relaxing, it was the first night of undisturbed sleep in a long while. Thank you.

Kay, 39 years

I have visited Priya for massages on several occasions for a number of reasons – back pain, shoulder injury and also to help with sleep problems. Every time she has worked wonders! She really listens to what your concerns and issues are, identifies the root cause of the problem and finds the oils that will best treat that.

Her calm and soothing demeanour is pleasant and relaxing, and she is attentive and considerate, ensuring that the pressure of the massage is just right for you. After having a massage from Priya, I recently visited a spa retreat and unfortunately, that massage was nowhere near comparable to Priya’s! I would definitely recommend her (and have done so already!) and will definitely be back for more!

Ravina, 31 years

15 hour journey each way, 1 intense week of heavy lifting, mixing cement by hand, and extreme heat, my body was in well need of a good massage, and I got better than a good massage, my aches and pains the niggly little kinks had all gone, it felt like I had been carrying a breeze block on my back and shoulders still and it had just been lifted off! Great job!

Aash, 25 years

I have been having massages to destress and loosen aching shoulders every 3 months for over a year and I can highly recommend her. She has a caring approach to her clients and is deeply passionate about the benefits of aromatherapy.

I love the way she can blend oils to have a specific effect. Some of the blends smell delicious! The positive effects of her massages are immediate, and I really notice the difference if I don’t have one for a while.

Shel, 35 years

Aromatherapy was really beneficial to me during pregnancy and after birth. Late stages of pregnancy I was suffering from bad back pain, aromatherapy helped to relax the back muscles which helped me to sleep better. After I had a caesarean section, aromatherapy helped to heal the wound rapidly so I was on my feet in no time”

Divya, 30

Absolute bliss! Priya made me feel really comfortable with the
treatment and tailored it specifically to my needs. Something to look
forward to at the end of a long week!

Tara Lee, 32

I can’t recommend Priya’s treatment highly enough. She has helped me
overcome both the physical rigours of training for a marathon and the
emotional challenges of stress at work. I don’t know what I would do
without her.

My partner is now being treated by Priya too. Despite being highly
sceptical beforehand, he is a complete convert!

Jo H

Priya brings with her soothing, tailored treatments a calming and positive energy. Equipped with a great selection of oils and bases, Priya is able to design treatments based on the pre-massage consultation which means the whole service is centred around how you feel, and how you want to feel throughout the course.

I found my treatments both relaxing physically and mentally, yet energizing as we progressed over the stages of treatments.


Priya is an amazing aromatherapist – friendly, cheerful and upbeat. Her massage technique is fantastic and her knowledge of the oils, and their properties, excellent. She is very professional and always creates the right atmosphere (background music, room temperature etc) so clients are fully relaxed and comfortable.

She has created blends, using oils, which have been tailor made for me.

She takes the time to discuss her client’s conditions so that each session is responsive to how her client is feeling – physically and emotionally.

I would strongly recommend the benefits of aromatherapy sessions with Priya. I always look forward to my session!